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TSC List of Documents Needed for TSC Interviews Primary Teachers PnP

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TSC List of Documents Needed for TSC Interviews Primary Teachers PnP

TSC’s prerequisites for hiring.Understanding the required paperwork is essential for a seamless selection process as primary teachers enthusiastically get ready for interviews with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

This handbook outlines the crucial paperwork candidates must bring to TSC interviews, as well as the authentication procedure and subsequent delivery of paperwork to TSC County Directors and Headquarters.


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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) conducts interviews for primary teachers across the country.

To ensure a transparent and efficient selection process, applicants are required to present specific documents for verification.

This guide provides an overview of the documents that applicants must prepare and submit during TSC interviews.

Required Documents for TSC Interviews

During the selection process, each applicant will be assigned a serial number. It is imperative that applicants present original documents and legible photocopies of the following:

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National Identification Card: A valid national ID is essential for identification.

Certificate of Registration as a Teacher: This certificate confirms your eligibility as a registered teacher.

Evidence of Completion of an Upgrade Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (if applicable): Applicants with upgrade diplomas should provide evidence of completion.

PTE Certificate: The Primary Teacher Education (PTE) certificate is a fundamental requirement.

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KCSE Certificates or Equivalent: Include certificates for all attempts if you re-sat exams.

KCPE Certificate or Equivalent: Include certificates for all attempts if you re-sat exams.

TSC recruitment requirements

Letter of Certification of Results by KNEC (where applicable): For verification purposes.

Primary and Secondary School Leaving Certificates and Other Testimonials: Include relevant academic documents.

National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) Card (if applicable): For applicants with disabilities.

Affidavit Sworn under the Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act: To explain any variance in names

KRA PIN Certificate, Bank Form, and Bank Plate/Card (front face): Facilitates appointment on the payroll.

Authentication of Academic and Professional Documents

Original academic and professional certificates will be scrutinised to verify their authenticity.

TSC Sub-County Directors will certify photocopies of the certificates and other documents before forwarding them to TSC County Directors.

Applicants presenting forged or fake documents will be disqualified and may face further consequences.

Submission of Documents

The process involves the submission of documents to different levels of TSC administration:

TSC recruitment requirements

1. Documents to be Submitted to the TSC County Director

  • List of all applicants who presented documents for verification at the sub-county level
  • Sub-county merit list
  • Summary of complaints raised (if any) and actions taken
  • Minutes of the Sub-County Selection Panel show how the final list of successful applicants was agreed upon.

2. Documents to Be Submitted to TSC Headquarters

  • County Selection Panel minutes
  • Copies of minutes of the Sub-County Selection Panel, verified by the TSC County Director
  • County Merit Lists
  • List of all selected applicants from the county merit list
  • List of invited applicants who did not appear for verification
  • List of applicants with disabilities
  • Duly signed offer of employment letter.
  • Original statement of confirmation of PTE/DPTE (upgrade)/KCSE/KCPE results from KNEC (for applicants without original certificates)
  • Original Medical Examination Report in Form GP 69
  • Certified copies of essential documents


Ensuring that you have the necessary documents and understanding the submission process is crucial for primary teachers participating in TSC interviews.

The upcoming interviews mark a significant transition in the education system, and it is essential for applicants to be well-prepared and compliant with the requirements outlined in this guide. Best of luck to all aspiring teachers!

TSC List of Documents Needed for TSC Interviews Primary Teachers PnP




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