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TSC Promotion Interviews involve Chapter VI documents here is there  fees.

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TSC Promotion Interviews involve Chapter VI documents here is there  fees.

In accordance with the Kenyan Constitution’s article on “Leadership and Integrity,” the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) requires teachers who have been shortlisted for promotions to submit genuine Chapter Ten documentation. For promotions and confirmations, seven crucial documents are needed:

1. a current and valid Certificate of Good Conduct issued by the DCI
This document, also known as a Police Clearance Certificate, attests to the applicant’s lack of a criminal history. Check the e-citizen site again in two to four weeks to retrieve the certificate after submitting an application through it, paying the associated fee, and submitting a Form C24 (Form for fingerprints) to one of DCI’s offices or the Huduma Centre for processing.

A Certificate of Clearance is issued to HELB recipients once they have paid off their loans in full. Anyone who is not a HELB loan recipient can get a free Compliance Certificate through either the HELB Portal or the e-Citizen Portal.

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2. Certificate of Tax Compliance Issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA):

Also known as a Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC), this document provides as proof of filing and paying all taxes. It is received using the iTax software, and compliance requires timely submission of tax returns, payment of all applicable taxes, and settlement of any tax obligation.

3. EACC Approval, or the requirement to avoid prosecution for unethical behavior:

While there is no official certificate, candidates must still submit a self-declaration form (available for download from the EACC) signed in duplicate by a Commissioner for Oaths or Magistrate. The EACC gives TSC a private report on the candidates it has chosen to move forward with.

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4. Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) Clearance Certificate (No adverse information):

A good credit history is confirmed by a CRB clearance. This certificate can be issued by any of the three CRBs in Kenya: Metropol, TransUnion, or CreditInfo. Clearance is not given to those who have loan defaults or loan arrears, and the processing price for a CRB Clearance Certificate is around Kshs.

Submitting incorrect information is punished by a fine of Kshs. 5 million or imprisonment for up to 5 years under Section 46 (1) (d) of the Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012.


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