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TSC set to hire ECDE teachers on permanent and pensionable

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TSC set to hire ECDE teachers on permanent and pensionable

Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers will soon be able to apply for permanent positions through the Teacher Service Commission (TSC). This choice was made in response to a suggestion made to the President by the President’s Education Task Force. ECDE professors will be among the main gainers if these recommendations are put into action.

According to recent study, the Teacher Service Commission should appoint instructors in the early childhood and developmental education fields, just like it does with other educators.

Recently, the President’s Education Reform Working Group’s mandate came to a conclusion, and its final recommendations were presented. It’s important to remember that this committee previously provided the government with advice about the construction of secondary schools inside of already-existing primary schools. Additionally, the Council has expressed support for the hiring of more than 35,000 academic members.

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The Board of Governors first assisted districts in finding ECDE teachers who would work in their districts permanently and be eligible for pensions. They also set a pay structure for teachers with degrees and certificates. Although not all districts have adopted these suggestions, the suggested salaries are Sh24,837 for certificate holders, Sh34,395 for diploma holders, and Sh46,494 for diploma holders.

Unfortunately, a lot of districts haven’t yet formalized the hiring of ECDE instructors, which suggests that a lot of these teachers are working under contract with different pay scales.

After the task force’s report is approved, ECDE instructors will relocate and start working for the TSC. According to the group, P1 and ECDE instructors ought to be chosen based on comparable qualifications, positioned in the same job group, and encouraged to work together. They will also receive comparable pay and perks. When the report is approved by the president, notice will be given.


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