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TSC Application Transfer Form and Teacher Instructions

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TSC Application Transfer Form and Teacher Instructions

Transferring within the teaching profession in Kenya allows educators to try out various jobs and experiences. For teachers interested in inter-county, intra-county, or sub-county transfers, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has created a detailed application form. Here are the essential details included in this application form, as well as the associated guidelines:

TSC/TM/TA/001 (Rev. 2012) is a transfer application form intended exclusively for teachers requesting transfers within the Kenyan education system. Let’s break down the form’s important sections:

1. Personal Information: This section requires you to provide your full name (in block capitals, with the surname first), TSC number, mobile number, and email address.

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2. Teaching Subjects: Indicate the subjects you teach.

3. Job Group: Specify your current job group.

4. Current Station: Provide the name of your current station, including the Sub-County and County. Include the duration of your tenure at your present school and within the same Sub-County.

5. Present Assignment: Describe your current role or assignment.

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6. Requested Transfer: Identify the institution and location (Sub-County and County) to which you are requesting a transfer.

7. Transfer Date: Specify when you would like the transfer to take effect.

8. Reason for Transfer: Clearly state the reasons motivating your transfer request.

9. Recommendation by Head of Institution: The head of your current institution should provide their recommendation, including their name, signature, and date.

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10. Recommendation by TSC County Director/Staffing Officer (if applicable): In case your transfer involves a move outside the county or sub-County, include the recommendation of the TSC County Director/Staffing Officer.

11. Decision by TSC-CD: For internal transfers within the county or sub-County, the decision of the TSC-County Director should be recorded here.

Applicants’ Notes

– Make certain that you fill out all sections of the form.

– TRIPLICATE (three copies) the application. Two copies should be given to the County director or staffing officer for recommendation and distribution via the head of your institution.

– Do not change stations until you have an official transfer letter from the Commission/TSC County Director/Staffing Officer.

– In general, instructors are required to serve at their assigned station for a minimum of five years, unless special circumstances are specified in Regulation 27(2) of the Code of Regulations for instructors.

This application process ensures that teachers can pursue new possibilities while adhering to predetermined norms and processes.




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