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10 Jobs with Lower Education or Training Requirements

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10 Jobs with Lower Education or Training Requirements

10 Jobs with Lower Education or Training Requirements

The typical average Kenyan usually changes jobs 10 to 15 times in his lifetime. Staying in a job until retirement is no longer a reality.

Why are employees changing careers? Well, the answer to the question varies from person to person.

Someone may be tired of working from 9 am to 5 pm in a job without progression, while another person may not have gained as much financial stability as he imagined when he entered his work area. Everyone wants a career they can be passionate about and enjoy doing every day.

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Personal reasons why you want to change careers

A career change means working in a different area. For example, your first job was as a secretary, then you change course and start to act as assistant or nurse, because you want to help people or make a difference. A Time article listed the main reasons why people change jobs. The reasons include:

  1. Reduction or restructuring of the company.
  2. Possible work relocation.
  3. Closure of the company.
  4. To improve life at work.
  5. Bad relationship with co-workers or directors.
  6. Poor adaptation to the company.
  7. Personal contributions that were not valued by the company.
  8. Ineffective leadership at work.

As you have already noticed, many of the reasons listed are related to an external event, such as a reduction in the size of the company.

The best jobs for a career change

Some careers are better for the transition than others for several reasons. For example, they do not require much education and / or training, but you may need a diploma or certificate.

Another reason why some jobs are better is because people seem to appreciate them more than they did in their first career.

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1- Dental Assistant

Becoming a dental assistant requires a certificate or diploma. As a dental assistant, you are responsible for preparing patients for dental procedures, assisting dentists during procedures and front-office work.

2- Veterinary Technician

This is a great second career for anyone who enjoys working with animals. Comfort and care for injured or sick animals. A course is required to enter this second career.

3- Personal Trainer

If you enjoy helping others achieve their fitness and health goals, becoming a fitness trainer is a great second career. Design exercise regimes, measure customer performance and keep them motivated. There are many ways to become a personal trainer through online certification courses and programs.

4- Massage therapist

Becoming a massage therapist requires a diploma or certificate. As a massage therapist, he uses massages to help patients recover from illnesses, painful injuries and overcome stress.

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5- Patient Assistance Technician

Working as a patient care technician requires a diploma. He is responsible for taking care of patients’ needs and some nursing tasks, such as collecting blood samples.

6- Medical Insurance Billing

This career is flexible. You can work at home, in a hospital, clinic or health center. He is responsible for organizing and analyzing health insurance claim forms. Assign them the appropriate code according to the type of procedure, disease or surgery that the patient is charged for. The career requires a course in the field.

7- Cosmetology

Do you have a natural talent for style and beauty? The cosmetology is a great second career. It is responsible for giving customers a new look with different hairstyles, coloring and perm. This is another career where you can work on your own. Requires a certificate.

8- Business Management

A business management career is ideal for anyone looking to make the transition to business. Allows entry level management and practical training in business law. You have the opportunity to work in a variety of careers, including human resources, computer systems and own your own business. You can obtain a course or bachelor’s degree in business management.

9- Information Technology

Are you a problem solver and love computers? Information technology is an ideal second career for those who love working with hardware and software. He is responsible for ensuring that everything goes smoothly in an IT department. You can start with a course in information technology.

10- Business Administration

A career in business administration gives you the experience of working in different settings, such as finance and computer information systems. You can also learn management, leadership and communication skills by earning this diploma.

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