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2023 KNEC KCSE Grading System Per Subject

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2023 KNEC KCSE Grading System Per Subject

Kenya’s end-of-secondary-school exams are administered by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC). Subject grading differs depending on a variety of circumstances, with each subject having its own grading system.

Before we go into the grading system, it’s important to understand the letters that KNEC uses to represent distinct mean grades:

– If a candidate is missing from all subjects, they receive a mean grade of X.

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If one or more topics are canceled, a mean grade of Y is issued.

If the entry requirements for the KCSE examination are not met, a mean grade of U is assigned.

– If the course criteria for Teacher Education, Business, and Technical examinations are not met, a mean grade of CRNM is assigned.

– A mean grade of P implies that findings are not yet available.

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– A mean grade of W indicates that the exam results are being withheld.

The grading method differs depending on the subject and educational level. The grades, points, and subject codes are listed below:

Group I consists of compulsory subjects.

1. English 101 (Subject Code)

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Kiswahili (Section Code: 102)

3. A Level Mathematics (Subject Code: 121)

Alternative B in Mathematics (Subject Code: 122)

Subjects in Group II

Biology (Section Code: 231)

Physics (Section Code: 232)

Chemistry (Section Code: 233)

Biology for the Visually Impaired (Subject Code: 236)

9. General Science (Subject Code: 237, along with 122)

Group III Topics

10. Government/History (Subject Code: 311)

11th (Subject Code: 312) Geography

CRE – A (Subject Code: 313)

13. IRE Option B (Subject Code: 314)

HRE (Subject Code 315).

Subjects in Group IV

Home Science (Section Code: 441)

Art and Design (Section Code: 442)

Agriculture (Section Code: 443)

Woodworking (Subject Code: 444)

Metal Working (Subject Code: 445)

20. Construction of Buildings (Subject Code: 446)

21. Mechanics of Power (Subject Code: 447)

Electricity (Section Code: 448)

23. Design and Drawing (Subject Code: 449)

24. Aviation Technology (450 Subject Code)

Computer Science (Subject Code: 451)

Group V Topics

French (Section Code: 501)

German (Subject Code: 502) 27.

Arabic (Subject Code: 503) 28.

Sign Language (Subject Code: 504) 29.

Music (Subject Code: 511) 30.

Business Studies (Section Code: 565)

Each subject is scored independently using a specific grading scale, with different points assigned for each grade. This grading system is important in university admissions and course selection based on performance in relevant subjects.




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