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Salary Scale for All Teachers Revised by TSC Following CBA

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Salary Scale for All Teachers Revised by TSC Following CBA

For the years 2023-2025, teachers in Kenya will be paid according to a revised Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) salary schedule, which was introduced by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Teachers at all grade levels will benefit greatly from this change, which will take effect in 2021 and last until 2025.

Here are a few of the most notable aspects of the wage increases:

Salary increases for T-Scale 15 chief principals range from Sh131,380 to Sh157,656 per month.

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Salary for Senior Principals (T-Scale 14) is estimated to be between Sh118,242 and Sh121,890 per month.

Principals (T-Scale 13) can expect a monthly salary of Sh104,644.

Fixed monthly compensation beginning at Sh91,041 for Deputy Principals III.

Basic pay for Level 11 administrators (Senior Head Teachers, Senior Master II, and Deputy Principals IV) is Sh77,840 per month.

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– Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers I, and Senior Master III (T-Scale 10): Basic wage of Sh62,272 per month.

– Grade C4 Deputy Head Teacher: Sh45,287 – Sh52,308 per month.

Monthly salaries for Grade C3 teachers in secondary schools range from Sh43,147 to Sh53,943.

The salary range for Grade C2 teachers is Sh34,955 per month. This includes the positions of Senior Teacher II, Secondary Teacher II, and Secondary Teacher II Untrained (UT).

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The starting salary for a Primary Teacher I is Sh27,195 per month, and the starting salary for a Secondary Teacher III (Grade C1) is Sh33,994 per month.

Salary ranges from Sh21,756 per month to Sh27,195 per month for a Primary Teacher II (Grade B5).

In light of the government’s dedication to recognizing and fairly rewarding teachers for their critical contributions to the school system, the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the years 2021-2025 has resulted in these compensation modifications.

As a result of these reforms, Kenya’s educational system may look forward to shaping the lives of future generations with the help of a dedicated and well-compensated teaching corps.





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