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TSC Promotion Interviews Will Begin On This Date

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TSC Promotion Interviews Will Begin On This Date

To fill the 36,053 openings announced in August, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will soon be holding promotional interviews. Beginning on December 4, 2023, following the conclusion of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams, there will be three rounds of interviews.

On October 30, 2023, those educators who had been chosen for promotion interviews received invitation letters. Appointment is contingent upon candidates’ presentation of proper Chapter 6 documentation.

Step One

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Primary school students in promotional Grades C1 through C5 are the focus of this phase, which takes place from December 4 to 15, 2023 at the sub-county level.

T-Scale 10 positions include Headteacher in both traditional and Special Needs Elementary (SNE) elementary schools, while T-Scale 9 positions include Deputy Headteacher II in traditional elementary schools, T-Scale 8 positions include Senior Teacher I in traditional and SNE elementary schools, and T-Scale 7 positions include Senior Teacher II in traditional and SNE elementary schools.

Interview Schedules for Promotion at TSC

Step Two

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– From January 4-16, 2024, post-primary teachers who are applying for grade increases from C3 to D1 will take part in the second phase, which will be administered at the county level.

This includes positions such as Senior Master IV in normal secondary schools on T-Scale 9, Senior Lecturer IV in TTCs on T-Scale 9, and Deputy Principal III in regular secondary schools on T-Scale 11.

Stage Three

The third phase, for post-primary administrators seeking promotions in grades D2 to D5, will take place at regional levels from February 4 to 16, 2024.

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Chief Principal (T-Scale 15), Senior Principal (T-Scale 14), Principal (T-Scale 13), Deputy Principal (T-Scale 12), and Senior Lecturer (T-Scale 12) are all administrative positions in standard secondary schools.

In order to solve the stagnating difficulties among teachers in different job groups, the TSC announced a budget of Ksh2.2 billion to promote teachers at the conclusion of the year, which was well-received by teachers’ unions. Sabala Inyeni, secretary of the KUPPET in Vihiga County, expressed his approval of the decision and requested the TSC to be impartial in its handling of the promotion interviews.





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