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Documents Required for Submission to TSC During Employment

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Documents Required for Submission to TSC During Employment

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) of Kenya has now disseminated extremely helpful direction for Kenyan educators regarding the documents that are required for TSC interviews. This outstanding feat comes at the same time as the Commission announces an enormous number of employment possibilities in elementary schools around the country, with the total number of posts exceeding 3,000.

In addition, the Commission has made public its intention to fill 738 open positions for teachers in secondary schools. The Commission’s objective is to fill these positions with individuals who will replace those who have left the service as a result of natural attrition. By taking such preventative measures, one may ensure that the educational system will continue to be robust and of a high standard.

In light of these possibilities, the Commission strongly advises any and all qualified individuals who are now without work to seize this chance and submit their application as soon as they possibly can.

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It is of the utmost importance to keep in mind that the TSC headquarters require the production of certain documents, and that the submission of these documents is scheduled to take place after the interview process.

As part of this involved application procedure, it is the responsibility of the TSC County Director to submit a variety of vital documentation. Among the documents that must be submitted are the county merit list, an original medical report (GP69), an entire list of applicants who have disabilities, copies of National Identity Cards, TSC certificates, KCSE and KCPE certificates, leaving certificates, university or college credentials, and a KRA PIN.

This meticulous attention to paperwork indicates the Commission’s dedication to a fair and transparent selection process, which helps to ensure that Kenya’s educational future is shaped by the most qualified persons.


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