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Discipline Issues TSC Fires 73 Teachers

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Discipline Issues TSC Fires 73 Teachers

Due to different disciplinary issues, the instructors Service Commission (TSC) has taken action by terminating the employment of 73 instructors. This verdict was announced in a Gazette Notice published on Friday.

Nancy Macharia, CEO of the teachers’ union, revealed the names of the fired teachers, as well as their TSC numbers, disciplinary case numbers, and dates of dismissal.

According to Macharia, people listed in the notice will no longer be permitted to work as teachers as of the day of their removal. Notably, 10 of the fired instructors were also barred from serving on the Board of Management (BOM).

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The TSC has stated unequivocally that these teachers are not permitted to provide teaching services unless they are registered under the Teachers Act. As a result of this restriction, they are not permitted to participate in teaching activities at any school, as defined in the Code of Regulations for Teachers.

According to the Act, “a person shall not engage in the teaching service unless such person is registered as a teacher under this Act.” Furthermore, if a teacher’s name is taken from the register under this Act, it cannot be reinstalled unless the Commission orders it.

Macharia has issued a warning to schools against hiring unregistered teachers, saying that failure to comply may result in penalties such as a Ksh100,000 fine or a two-year jail term, or both.

The TSC has also highlighted the procedures for terminating teacher appointments. The Commission must provide three months’ written notice for permanent and pensionable appointments, or pay a one-month basic salary in lieu of notice. Benefits from the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) are managed in accordance with the NSSF Act Cap 258 in the case of temporary appointments.

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Furthermore, under certain conditions, male teachers who paid to the Widows and Children’s Pension Scheme (WCPS) may be eligible for a reimbursement of their contributions.




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