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Governors pressure TSC after 47,000 teachers were left stranded.

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Governors pressure TSC after 47,000 teachers were left stranded.

The Council of Governors (CoG) is now working on a petition to encourage the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to reform the current policy so that teachers can choose their preferred job locations within their home counties rather than being assigned based on national needs.

During the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday in the Kakamega Branch, Governor Fernandes Barasa emphasized the importance of this problem.

He recognized the plight of the approximately 47,000 teachers who are currently facing difficult circumstances as a result of their professional responsibilities.

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According to Governor Barasa, a memo addressing these issues is being prepared by the Council of Governors’ education committee and would be delivered to TSC.

We have teachers in several counties, and we want to bring this up with our education committee, he stated.

Our goal is to re-locate all delocalized teachers to their home counties. On behalf of our education committee, I am determined to deliver this petition to TSC.

When the commission endorsed the delocalization scheme in 2017, politicians and teachers were outraged because they perceived it as unproductive. Over time, at least 14,000 teachers were forced to leave their home counties against their will.

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Nonetheless, the policy was temporarily halted in November 2022 due to criticism from MPs who wanted it overturned by January 31, 2023.

As a result, around 47,000 teachers have requested to be returned to their home counties.

TSC has claimed that the approach was designed to address teacher shortages in specific areas, especially Northern Kenya and conflict-prone districts. They made it clear that transfers were contingent on job openings and teacher acceptance.

Teachers, on the other hand, expressed concern about the policy’s negative consequences, citing the dissolution of families when breadwinners were outsourced to distant locations.

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A KNUT official informed the union-affiliated teachers in attendance that the union is collaborating with TSC to seek a pay rise for educators.

Governors put pressure on TSC after 47,000 teachers were stranded.




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