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Approximately 90% of TTC Trainees Fail the KNEC Exams

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Approximately 90% of TTC Trainees Fail the KNEC Exams

90% of TTC trainees fail their KNEC exams. Almost half of the students who took the college exam failed, and teachers’ colleges across the country were in trouble. The announcement was made during a graduation ceremony at Moi Teachers College in Baringo, where 130 of 360 students graduated.

Senior Principal Richard Nduati stated that the quantity of applications received for last year’s exams impressed the board, noting that other colleges had greater failure rates.

The overwhelming failure might be linked to Education Secretary Fred Matiangi’s tight instructions on national test management. Due to these stringent restrictions, a large number of candidates received D or lower on the fourth level national exam.

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Merhe Karogo, CEO of Kenya’s National Examinations Council, stated that the number of students who failed the exam was large but did not specify how many. Those who fail the exam will have to wait until the end of the year to apply again.

Students attending teacher training colleges must have at least a C, and over 20,000 students graduate each year from private and state teacher training institutes.

This collective failure presents a challenge for these institutions, which must find ways to boost the number of students who return for a second year of study. The specific cause of the reduction in results is unknown, however it could be related to tight test administration techniques designed to prevent cheating.

Francis Macharia, Deputy District Director of Baringo TSC, underlined the importance of the teacher evaluation program and urged the school to improve its performance in national tests.

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With the country currently suffering an 87,000-teacher deficit, the issue has heightened the discussion over direct recruitment of graduates. The entry level for people wishing to enter the teaching profession will be raised under the new curriculum, and higher academic standards will be proposed for specific teaching positions.

Furthermore, there is a desire to strengthen teacher communication skills and to include mentoring and talent development in teacher education.

90% of TTC Trainees Fail KNEC Exams


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