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GOVT announces 400 Presidential Talent Programme internships.

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GOVT announces 400 Presidential Talent Programme internships.

The ICT Authority has begun accepting applications for the Presidential Digital Talent Programme (Digitalent), which will provide participants with roughly 400 opportunities to participate in internships.

The Chief Executive Officer of the ICT Authority, Stanley Kamanguya, recently gave a speech in which he urged the people of Kenya to sign up for the eighth and final cohort of the program, which will take place from 2023 to 2024.

The purpose of the internship, which will last for a year, is to equip recent graduates in engineering and information technology with hands-on experience that will enhance their employability and entrepreneurship skills. Skills that are not related to technology, such as critical thinking and entrepreneurialism, are incorporated into the program, with the primary emphasis being placed on technological innovation.

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The available seats are broken down as follows: network and infrastructure (150), software development and artificial intelligence (100), information security (50), multimedia (graphic design and digital marketing – 50), and data analysis (50). There are a total of 400 seats available.

The application deadline is October 3, 2023, and people with disabilities, women, and residents of the ASAL region are strongly urged to submit their resumes and cover letters.

Over two thousand interns who participated in the program have found employment in a wide range of fields as a direct result of their training.

This initiative is in accordance with the Digital Skills pillar of Kenya’s National Digital Master Plan (2022-32), which is essential for the expansion of the digital economy and for making it accessible to all Kenyans.

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