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Teachers have till Friday to submit their applications.

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Teachers have till Friday to submit their applications.

The application date for the 36,000 teacher advancement posts has been extended to September 15, 2023 by the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC).

Concerns about instructors’ ability to grow through their careers will be addressed by the TSC circulars, which will enable advancement opportunities across nine various grade levels.

This decision was reached after successful negotiations over the compensation of teachers, and the benefits of these advancements would be distributed across elementary, middle, and high schools as well as institutes that provide teacher education.

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There are 12,716 openings for the post of senior master, 10,819 for senior teacher roles in traditional primary schools, 700 for senior teacher positions in institutions for students with special needs, and 216 for the Grade C4 job of senior professor in teacher-training institutes. The number of senior master positions available is higher than the number of senior teacher roles available in traditional primary schools.

In addition, the TSC has put out job advertisements for a total of 108 senior principal positions and 34 chief principal positions.

Candidates are required to submit their applications through the TSC portal no later than the 15th of September.

This revelation comes less than a week after the Teacher Standards and Compensation Board (TSC) promoted 14,000 teachers who had been on the waiting list since the previous fiscal year.

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One billion shillings, or Ksh, has been allotted by the National Treasury for these 36,275 promotions.




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