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HELB Issues New Guidance to Students Who Didn’t Get a Loan

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HELB Issues New Guidance to Students Who Didn’t Get a Loan

HELB Issues New Guidance to Students Who Didn’t Get a Loan. On August 14, the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) clarified how it will distribute funding to almost 2,000 students who requested assistance but did not have National Identity cards. This is a large amount, given that many of them will be in need of a loan to pay their school expenses.

According to Chief Executive Charles Ringera, the money would be withheld until the student provided a proper ID. Both the student and their parents must supply their personal identification numbers when applying for a loan through HELB.

The CEO of HELB emphasized that the board’s options are limited because it is illegal to make loans to borrowers under the age of 18.

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“An ID is important for identifying the identity of the student, especially when they are repaying the loan,” stated the speaker.

Furthermore, the CEO encouraged students to apply for the publicly disclosed government subsidies, stating that there were ample of resources available to suit their needs.

Ringera emphasized that the new funding model was put in place at the ideal time to guarantee that every student has access to the materials they need to improve their education and boost his confidence in it.

The student’s assigned money will still be available if they decide to modify their program of study or transfer to a another university, which is a shift from the old system, he added.

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In September, more than 285,698 students are expected to enroll in colleges and institutions. To allay concerns that some pupils may be excluded, HELB’s CEO stated that all kids will be catered to.

The new financial strategy categorizes students as vulnerable, severely in need, in need, and less in need.



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