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KNEC Will Not Cover Deputy Principals’ Exam Fees

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KNEC Will Not Cover Deputy Principals’ Exam Fees

Unlike teachers, drivers, and security guards, Knec will not reimburse the deputy primary school headteachers for any of their travel costs. According to a Knec representative, deputy principals will not be eligible for these reimbursements because they do not incur travel costs during the KCPE and KPSEA examination periods.

Knec pays educators for their work as test administrators, proctors, and center directors. The grading of these tests is outsourced to these lecturers as well. This year, the KPSEA exam for students in sixth grade was administered by center managers, who were deputy principals.

Previously, deputy headteachers were not needed to be present on the school grounds during the KCPE and KPSEA tests, but that changed this year under a new regulation. Thus, several deputy heads of schools had previously sought to and been hired as national test supervisors and invigilators.

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Here are the payment rates for contracted professionals for the 2023 exams:

– Centre Manager (KCPE/KPSEA, All Regions): Sh500 per day, totaling Sh2,000 for 4 days.

– Centre Manager (KCSE, All Regions): Sh500 per day, totaling Sh9,000 for 18 days.

– Invigilators (KCPE/KPSEA, All Regions): Sh538 per day, totaling Sh1,615 for 3 days.

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– Invigilators (KCSE, Nairobi & Mombasa): Sh580 per day, totaling Sh9,860 for 17 days.

– Invigilators (KCSE, Other Regions): Sh460 per day, totaling Sh7,820 for 17 days.

– Supervisors (KCPE/KPSEA, All Regions): Sh621 per day, totaling Sh2,485 for 4 days.

– Supervisors (KCSE, Nairobi & Mombasa): Sh695 per day, totaling Sh12,510 for 18 days.

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– Supervisors (KCSE, Other Regions): Sh630 per day, totaling Sh11,340 for 18 days.

– Security Officers (KCSE, All Regions): Sh420 per day, totaling Sh6,720 for 16 days.

– Drivers (KCSE, All Regions): Sh405 per day, totaling Sh6,480 for 16 days.

During the examination period, Knec implemented measures to restrict the number of people allowed inside exam centers, primarily to prevent exam malpractices. Only specific individuals were authorized to be in the examination centers during the KPSEA, KCPE, and KCSE exam periods, including the Centre Manager, Deputy Principal/Headteacher, Supervisor(s), Invigilator(s), Gatekeeper, Laboratory technician, and science teacher (only during practicals), and authorized support staff responsible for preparing meals for candidates who remained in the kitchen.

In the most recent examinations, approximately 1,415,315 candidates sat for the KCPE exam, while another 1,282,574 took the grade 6 KPSEA exams.





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