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KNEC Gives Deputy Headteachers New Duties in Exam Management.

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KNEC Gives Deputy Headteachers New Duties in Exam Management

KNEC New Changes In Exam Administration. During the KCPE and KPSEA test sessions, deputy primary school headteachers will now stay in the school.

According to the new regulation, deputies will also not take part in the Knec’s oversight and invigilation of national exams.

Previously, it was not required of the deputy headteachers to be present in the school grounds during these assessments.

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However, the adjustments were implemented in response to widespread malpractices, such as cheating, that were noticed in the most recent national exams.

During the test time, the deputies will stay in school to support their respective headteachers.

While headteachers are in containers picking tests, deputies will be in classrooms to make sure school programs run well.

The deputy will also assist in checking the learners after exams have ended as the headteacher will be taking the exams to the containers.

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KCPE and KPSEA will start on 30th October and end on 1st November 2023. The candidates will have rehearsals on 27th October 2023.

Knec had said that plans are complete to administer national examinations to 2.3 million learners who will sit this year’s KCPE and KCSE examinations.

Around 1,415,315 candidates will sit for KCPE exam, while another 903,260 will take the KCSE test.

KNEC Chief Executive David Njengere also said preparations have been made for KPSEA for 1,282,574 Grade Six learners.

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KNEC New Changes In Exam Administration

Njengere said 576 distribution centres or containers will be used for storage of KPSEA and KCPE examinations.

He added that 567 containers will be used for the distribution of KCSE papers.

“The council has acquired an additional 82 containers to make sure we facilitate this process especially because we have 13 newly created sub-counties which did not have containers,” Njengere said.

Machogu urged all personnel taking part in the national examinations, to dispense their duties with utmost professionalism in line with the set guidelines.

He said the Ministry will not spare anyone who will be involved in malpractices.

During the examination period Knec has also allowed only a number of people inside exam centres. The measures are aimed to curb exam malpractices.

Knec has authorized only the following persons to be in the examination centres during KPSEA, KCPE and KCSE exam periods.

1 Centre Manager;

2 Deputy Principal/Headteacher;- where an examination centre has more than one deputy then the centre manager shall designate one deputy to assist him/her;

3 Supervisor(s);

4 Invigilator(s);

5 Gatekeeper;

6 Laboratory technician and science teacher only during practicals;

7 Authorized support staff to prepare meals for candidates who will strictly restrict their movements to the Kitchen.

KNEC Gives Deputy Headteachers New Duties in Exam Management.





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