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Lawmakers Advocate for Sex Education in Schools

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Lawmakers Advocate for Sex Education in Schools

A number of Kenyan politicians are making a call to the nation’s religious leaders and ordinary citizens, pleading with them to back the introduction of sexual education as an official subject in Kenya’s educational institutions.

During a meeting in Mombasa that was centred on the Family Reproductive Health and Assisted Reproductive Health bills, these legislators presented their case and spoke in favour of their respective proposals.

Their reasoning is predicated on the assumption that this is the most efficient method for educating young people about the potential repercussions of engaging in sexual behaviours.

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On the other hand, they contend that by making comprehensive health education a central focus in schools, one may assure that children get a comprehensive understanding of a variety of sexually-related issues.

Students will be better equipped to tackle the enormous challenges that are linked with high rates of pregnancy, sexual abuse, and the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses if these measures are adopted by the parliament.

Several members of Parliament, including Millie Odhiambo (Representative for the Constituency of Suba North), Martha Wangari (Representative for the Constituency of Gilgil), and Catherine Muma (nominated Member of Parliament), have commented on the significance of religious leaders.

They argue that religious leaders should play a prominent role in promoting ideas that are targeted at protecting adolescents and other minority populations, such as persons who identify as intersex.

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However, it is essential to highlight the fact that certain religious leaders continue to oppose this idea. They argue that providing children with sex education in schools may introduce them to sexual subjects at a younger age than is appropriate.

This debate has persisted, with Jane Njeri Maina, the woman who represents the women of Kirinyaga in Parliament, introducing a motion two months ago to address the ongoing division in sex education. The motion was aimed at tackling the issue of gender stereotypes in schools.



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