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CEO Nancy Macharia’s Term Ends Soon

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CEO Nancy Macharia’s Term Ends Soon

An activist has taken legal action in the hopes of forcing Dr. Nancy Macharia, the chief executive officer of The Teachers Service Commission (TSC), to step down from her position.

An activist by the name of Francis Owino asserts that Dr. Macharia’s tenure as CEO would come to an end in February of 2023 due to her advanced age.

According to the complaint that was presented to Judge Lawrence Mugambi of the High Court, Owino is requesting that the judge determine that Dr. Nancy Macharia’s continued leadership of TSC is unlawful because she has reached the age of retirement.

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This request was made in the context of the lawsuit that was brought before Judge Mugambi. In February of this year, Dr. Macharia’s first tenure was scheduled to come to a conclusion.

The activist claims that Dr. Macharia’s contract as chief executive officer of the commission would be renewed for another five years beginning in July of 2020. She took over for Gabriel Lengoibon in 2015, succeeding him after a rigorous recruitment process.

According to the appeal that was submitted by Owino, Dr. Macharia’s term should have ended in February of 2023, and any extension beyond that point would have been against the law.

In light of the circumstances, he has additionally solicited the assistance of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission as well as the teachers’ union.

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According to Owino, on February 16, this year, the Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa of the Ministry of Public Service, Gender, and Affirmative Affairs cancelled all applications for term extensions for public government officials above the age of 60.

This was done in accordance with the Aisha Jumwa’s directive to the Ministry of Public Service, Gender, and Affirmative Affairs. As a consequence of this, he is requesting an injunction to prevent Dr. Macharia from continuing in his role as leader of TSC.



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