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Please spare workers’ payslips, Atwoli begs on proposed taxes.

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Please spare workers’ payslips, Atwoli begs on proposed taxes.

Francis Atwoli, Secretary General of the Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU), has pleaded with Members of Parliament (MPs) to have mercy on employees’ payslips and to oppose a law that aims to impose larger tax deductions on workers. The bill in question is an attempt to increase the amount of money workers are required to pay in taxes.

Speaking at a funeral in Kakamega, the head of the COTU noted that Kenyan taxpayers are struggling and have not yet come to grips with the housing fund levy, and that any salary cutbacks will only make the situation worse. The burial was held in the city of Kakamega.

Atwoli urged that the government look for other measures to earn money other than taxing employees, who are already bringing home much less pay after the latest deductions were implemented.

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“Nataka kumwomba rafiki yangu Shinali awachane na hi maneno ya employment levy kukatwa we don’t have anything left on our payslips,” the man said. “We don’t have anything left on our payslips.” Kama hatujakua is capable of supporting itself economically as a nation.

Since we do not engage in manufacturing or exporting, it is impossible for us to expand our economy. Kenya Kwanza is in the process of putting in place a mechanism to investigate whether or not it can encourage economic expansion. According to what Atwoli has stated.

But before we do that, he remarked, “let us not add another burden to the people of Kenya.” “But before we do that, kabla uchumi haujaenda juu tusiongeze mzigo mwengine kwa wafanyikazi.”

The measure that is being proposed asks each employee to donate 1% of their wage, which would then be matched by the company, in order to provide money for Kenyans who are without jobs.

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It is stated in part of the proposed legislation that “the legislative proposal’s objective is to provide for the payment of unemployment benefits to employees who become unemployed.” This is the objective of the legislative proposal.

In the event that the law is passed, residents of Kenya will have less money available to them at a time when the costs of necessities are pushing many people beyond their financial capabilities.



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