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Teacher arrested for allegedly selling KCPE and KCSE exams.

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Teacher arrested for allegedly selling KCPE and KCSE exams.

Nicholas Ngumbao Kalewa, a teacher in his twenties, has been arrested on suspicion of leaking exam materials for upcoming and existing national exams to his students. Kalewa’s arrest came after an investigation by the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) into his work as a Christian Religious Education (CRE) teacher at St. Lilian Academy in Gikambura Village.

More than ten of the WhatsApp and Telegram groups he oversaw were infiltrated by undercover police who pretended to be students in order to gain access to the networks where the illicit exam papers were being sold. For Ksh1,500 each paper and Ksh2,000 for a whole exam paper with a marking scheme, Kalewa, as “Mr. Examiner,” advertised the fake exams inside these groups. He warned the group of nearly 900 parents and pupils not to bring up other issues, saying that he was busy with buyers.

When undercover officers dressed as unprepared students and began a conversation with Kalewa, his true motives became clear. He claimed to have a large customer, and he used it to vouch for his credibility before the group, discouraging them from looking elsewhere for a vendor. The investigation uncovered that he had opened a bank account using a till-pay bill for payments relating to the stolen test materials, and that he had registered multiple SIM cards using stolen identification documents.

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Based on this tip, officers conducted a manhunt in Gikambura, Kiambu County, and ultimately arrested Kalewa and seized multiple SIM cards from his possession. A dedicated team and new procedures to protect the fairness of the upcoming KIPSEA and KCSE examinations were recently revealed by the Examination Council.

The Ministry of Education has implemented strict exam standards, including a ban on all bags (including handbags, briefcases, backpacks, and kiondos) being brought into examination rooms and severe punishments for those caught cheating.



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