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TSC Begins Deployment at the Time That It Opens Its Portal

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TSC Begins Deployment at the Time That It Opens Its Portal

It is now possible for teachers from elementary schools to be relocated through the TSC site for the year 2023. A gateway has been established, and this procedure can now be completed on the internet, for teachers who are interested in making the move from elementary to secondary education.

It has been re-announced that there are 185 posts available in the counties of Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa in order to attract new teachers.

Even after sending out a large number of notifications, no applications were submitted; as a result, this will have an effect on the rollout of the CBC and will exacerbate existing disparities in the educational system that is being implemented.

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TSC continues to observe that some teachers do not want to commit to certain locations due to their wage, which is one of the obstacles in hiring teachers for secondary schools. This is one of the challenges faced while recruiting teachers.

Tsc identifies this as one of the issues it has while trying to attract instructors for secondary schools.

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that the activity will continue in its current form.

A document that can be obtained on the website of the TSC and is viewed by teachers, the portal continues to be open for those teachers who meet the relevant criteria and can apply to be placed on rotation session.

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Since the beginning of the deployment exercise, over 21,365 instructors have been recruited to participate in the one-year internship program in order to teach in primary schools.

During the initial stage of this process, there were a total of 9,000 teachers who had permanent positions and were eligible for pensions.



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