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TSC plans to hire 10,000 primary school teachers October 2023.

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TSC plans to hire 10,000 primary school teachers  October 2023.

In October of 2023, TSC plans to hire 10,000 elementary school teachers. According to the Teachers Service Commission, secondary schools will once again be assigned more than 10,000 teachers.

Teachers who were employed by TSC to work in elementary schools have demonstrated the proficiency required to go to the middle school level.
TSC is obligated to advertise college teaching positions before any new hires may be made.

Promotions are posted on TSC’s official website and social media pages. Standards set by the TSC

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One must be: • a member of TSC and a primary school teacher
• Have a Plus in at least two courses on the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (or an equivalent exam).
You must have earned a grade of C+ or higher on the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) or its international equivalent.
• Complete at least 8 units in both of the courses.

To ensure a seamless rollout of the CBC program, the TSC Executive Director needs to keep an eye on how teachers are behaving at their new stations.

Using TSC Instructors

Recent alterations made as part of the adoption of the CBC curriculum have increased the number of subjects studied by JSS students to at least 9.

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Each student must take one course from at least one of the following areas:

The fields of Family Science, Information Technology, and several foreign languages were represented in the visual and performing arts.

The given time for each class is standard for this program’s delivery format. Timeframe: 40 minutes.

The following is a breakdown of how classes are broken up in high school and college curriculums:

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  • English 5 lessons
  • Math 5 lessons
  • Studying pre-engineering 4 lessons
  • Kiswahili/KSL 4 course
  • Science integrates 4 lessons
  • Sociology 3 lessons
  • Business research 3 lessons
  • Agriculture 3 lessons
  • Religious education (IRE, CRE and HRE) 3 lessons
  • Physical education and sports 2 courses
  • Life skills education 1 lesson
  • Choose 1 3 lessons
  • Option 2 3 lessons




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