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How to Apply for Deputy Principal III Promotion

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How to Apply for Deputy Principal III Promotion

Advert No. 51/2023 (C5-D1): 1057 Posts on a T-Scale of 11.

TSC seeks submissions from adequately qualified instructors for the jobs described below, in keeping with our aim to developing a healthy community of educators.

These options are in keeping with the Career Progression Guidelines for Teachers, demonstrating our commitment to your professional development.

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The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is offering an excellent opportunity for committed professionals to take on the job of Deputy Principal III in Regular Secondary Schools.

Appointment Requirements

Candidates must meet the following requirements to be considered for this prestigious position:


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A minimum of three (3) years of T-Scale 10 service as Senior Master III.


In the performance appraisal process, shown a satisfactory performance grade.

Ethical Positioning

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Fulfillment of the Constitution’s Chapter Six (6) provisions, showing your ethical and moral standing.

Capability to Lead

A demonstrated capacity to oversee, mentor, and provide professional assistance to colleagues.

Additional Conditions

Completion of any other requirements considered necessary by the Commission.

Observation for Asal and Hard-to-Staff Counties

Candidates must have served in their present grade for at least two years and be from an arid, semi-arid (Asal), or hard-to-staff county. Your attention to these areas, as well as your experience, will be greatly appreciated.

How to APPLY

If you have the necessary qualifications and a desire to teach, please apply through the TSC portal at The application period will end on September 8, 2023. Please keep in mind that manual applications will not be accepted.

TSC is a proponent of diversity and fair opportunity. We invite candidates with impairments to apply and take advantage of this opportunity. We are convinced that a varied teaching community improves the educational landscape.

Important Reminder

During the interview procedure, successful candidates will submit legitimate Chapter 6 documentation. This demonstrates our dedication to sustaining the highest ethical standards in education.




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