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Tana River County Illiteracy so high, need more teachers

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Tana River County Illiteracy so high, need more teachers

Tana River County’s Department of Adult Education is facing a serious lack of adult education teachers, resulting in an increase in illiteracy in the region.

Robert Zoka, the County Adult Education Officer, addressed the crowd at Shikaadabu Primary School in Chelewe, Tana North Sub County, on International Literacy Day. He revealed that there were a total of 2,221 adult learners in the area, with 523 males and 1,698 females.

Despite having 100 learning centers, some pupils were forced to learn under trees due to a lack of facilities, according to Zoka. To solve this issue, seven full-time teachers were supplemented by 43 part-time teachers paid by non-governmental groups, religious organizations, and well-wishers.

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He underlined the importance of the national government hiring additional full-time teachers to staff these learning centers adequately. This, he hoped, would assist retain pupils, improve adult learners’ educational standards, and reduce the county’s illiteracy rate.

During the same meeting, Tana North Sub County Deputy County Commissioner Samuel Mwangi urged parents to guarantee that all school-aged children have access to education in order to tackle illiteracy and poverty in the region.

Mwangi also asked local chiefs and assistant chiefs to be on the lookout for suspicious individuals from adjacent counties who may be plotting to disrupt the area’s calm. He emphasized the need of reporting such individuals to the police for proper action, emphasizing that only peace and security could allow development projects in the region to thrive.


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