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Transfer of Service for Teachers (TSC to PSC)

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Transfer of Service for Teachers (TSC to PSC)

When the Public Service Commission makes a job offer to a teacher, it is frequently a time of excitement and change. A teacher’s career might be marked by a substantial transition from one ministry to another. It is critical that they understand the process of transferring their previous service with the Commission to the new ministry.

The Service Transfer Procedure

A teacher’s professional path begins when they receive a job offer from the Public Service Commission (PSC). This move entails transferring their previous service records and job history. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the procedure:

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1. Request a Transfer of Service

When a teacher accepts a job offer, the first step is to apply for a Transfer of Service. This is a formal request to transfer one’s employment history and documents from the Commission to the new ministry. The following documents are normally attached to the application:

– Appointment Letter: A copy of the Public Service Commission’s appointment letter.

– Offer Letter Acceptance: A signed copy of the acceptance letter indicating the teacher’s readiness to join the new ministry.

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– TSC Clearance Certificate: A certificate issued by the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) that confirms there are no outstanding issues or responsibilities with the Commission.

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2. Examination by the Public Service Commission

When a teacher applies for a Transfer of Service, the process is taken over by the Public Service Commission. The PSC examines the application and validates the materials submitted. This phase ensures that all the paperwork is in place and that no unresolved issues with the teacher’s previous service exist.

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3. Submit to the Appropriate Ministry/Department

The Transfer of Service documentation are delivered to the relevant ministry or department where the teacher will be engaged after they have been processed by the Public Service Commission. The teacher’s service history is now officially transferred to the new employer.




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