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TSC Clarifies Senior Internship Candidates for PnP Positions

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TSC Clarifies Senior Internship Candidates for PnP Positions

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC), as stipulated by Kenya’s constitution, plays a critical role in overseeing different facets of the teaching profession in the country. This covers duties such as teacher registration, recruitment, management of promotions and transfers, and ensuring teachers receive their salary on time.

TSC’s CEO has recently been working hard to get additional financing to alleviate the growing teacher shortage and to promote more promotions within the teaching field. Furthermore, the commission is firmly pressing for increased compensation packages for Kenyan primary and secondary school teachers, emphasizing the importance of honoring their devotion and hard work.

Despite the ongoing issues that teachers confront, there is some good news for Kenyan educators. From 2019 forward, all instructors who began their careers as interns have been legally verified as permanent and pensionable employees. This advancement marks a critical milestone in the field, providing job security and financial stability to these dedicated instructors.

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TSC also took preemptive efforts in February of this year, hiring approximately 20,000 intern instructors, especially for junior and primary schools. The goal of this employment effort was to offer critical support for the country’s transition to the new competency-based curriculum (CBC).

While some of the newly hired intern instructors are still on internships, others have already moved on to permanent and pensionable posts.

According to reliable sources, a strategy is in the works to ensure that all of the intern teachers employed in February of this year eventually graduate into permanent and pensionable posts. This shift is expected to be a watershed moment in Kenya’s teaching job market.

All intern teachers now working in junior and elementary schools are expected to get official letters certifying their shift to long-term, pensionable posts before the start of the 2024 academic year.

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TSC’s proactive and forward-thinking attitude to guaranteeing Kenya’s educational future and ensuring the well-being of its dedicated teaching workforce is exemplified by these efforts.




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