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Bad News for Principals as TSC Shocks Them

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Bad News for Principals as TSC Shocks Them

Around 1,500 principals who had sought for promotions, gone through interviews, and anxiously awaited promotion letters were left disappointed this week as a result of the Teachers Service Commission’s (TSC) decision not to promote teachers. Instead of congratulating these educators on their advancements, TSC broke the disappointing news to them.

It is not obvious why the Commission decided to revoke their promotions, especially considering that they had already been approved for the positions and selected after district interviews.

The decision let down a great number of drama teachers who had been holding out hope that they would be accepted. The TSC has suggested to these educators that they resubmit their applications for their positions once the promotions have been publicized. It is interesting to note that, as a result of the recommendations made by the Education Task Force, the Ministry of Education is now in charge of the promotions of teachers. It is unknown at this time whether or not the TSC will deal with the problem of teacher promotions in the future.

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According to data provided by the TSC, an astounding 3,359 public schools are now operating without a principal. This is a worrying statistic. There are currently no principals at 1,441 public secondary schools and 1,918 public primary schools among these institutions. The modifications made to the educational system by the government have led to the current state of affairs.

TSC initially announced that there will be 14,738 opportunities for promotion in December 2022, however they later decided to cancel these posts. Because there were not enough registered instructors at the time, promotions were also delayed in the months of January, March, and May. The executives of TSC believe that instructors themselves are to blame for the unfilled advertised positions in some school systems.

According to the head of the TSC, the Commission had issued notices earlier in the year for 14,738 opportunities for promotion in order to fill gaps caused by teachers leaving their positions. However, only 11,231 instructors were hired, and 3,507 vacancies remained unfilled because there were not enough individuals who met the qualifications. Because of this, there were only 1,021 available posts for active instructors to compete for.

The open positions for promotions included a wide variety of positions in regular and special schools, such as masters, vice principals, masters, principals, senior teachers, and principals. In spite of this, the TSC has been steadfast in its refusal to promote instructors.

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