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TSC sends instructors who applied for promotion a letters of regret

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TSC sends instructors who applied for promotion a letters of regret

Over 1,500 school administrators who had filed for promotions, gone through interviews, and waited for promotion letters were in an uncomfortable predicament. Instead of the long-awaited promotion letters, they received letters of regret from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

According to the commission in charge of the procedure, around 1,300 instructors who received these regret letters now have a second chance to reapply for the positions. The commission’s decision to cancel their nominations, however, remains a mystery. These educators had been confirmed and shortlisted following interviews within their respective districts, and they were looking forward to their official promotions.

The vast majority of these professors, who had been working as actors, were expecting for confirmation, but their hopes were crushed. As a result, the commission has advised these teachers to reapply for positions when future promotions are announced.

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A big concern that remains is how the TSC will manage the problem of teacher promotions, especially since the Education Task Force suggested that the Ministry of Education take over the role of promoting instructors.

According to precise data from the TSC, there are now 3,359 public schools without a principal. There is a lack of school leadership at 1,918 public elementary schools and 1,441 middle schools.

This absence of institutional leadership in a total of 3,359 public elementary and secondary schools is highly alarming, especially because the government is conducting significant education reforms. The TSC, on the other hand, blames teachers for their lack of advancement and stagnation.

TSC spokeswoman Macharia has accused teachers of being hesitant to seek for advancement possibilities in districts other than their own.

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The TSC published 14,738 vacancies for teacher promotions at various levels earlier this year to fill positions left vacant owing to natural attrition. Surprisingly, just 1,231 of the 3,507 available posts were filled, leaving a significant 3,507 positions unfilled.

Furthermore, the TSC has reserved a percentage of the 1,021 available positions for affirmative action teachers. Teachers have actively applied for different TSC-advertised positions in both ordinary and special schools, including Principal, Deputy Principal, Senior Master, and others.

The TSC’s practice of delivering letters of regret to teachers vying for promotion remains a source of concern, raising concerns about the fairness and transparency of the promotion process.


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