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TSC has terminated the employment of 129 educators for absenteeism.

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TSC has terminated the employment of 129 educators for absenteeism.

TSC has dismissed 129 educators for chronic tardiness. Educators in North-Eastern Kenya have had it rough in recent years due to a number of factors, including rising insecurity, a lack of necessary school facilities, and inadequate supplies. As a result, many qualified educators are avoiding the area, lowering the overall standard of education there.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has taken action to improve the educational system and meet these difficulties.

Despite TSC’s best efforts, there have been instances of North Eastern instructors refusing to show up to their assigned schools. TSC just laid off 129 educators because they refused to relocate to the North East. Some stakeholders backed the action, while others saw it as a breach of teachers’ rights, sparking debate and controversy.

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Understanding why and how these instructors are rejecting student writing is crucial. Terrorist attacks are common in the North East, making it an unsafe region for educators. This is one of the main reasons for their hesitation. Poor infrastructure, insufficient housing, and a lack of basic utilities only add to the difficulties already experienced by educators in the area.

Furthermore, the cultural and social dynamics of the Northeast differ greatly from the rest of the country, making it difficult for teachers from other parts of the country to understand and adapt to the region. Many educators are finding it difficult to adjust to the new school climate, which is having a negative impact on their output and inspiration.

The decision by TSC to lay off these 129 educators was viewed as essential, if harsh and unpleasant. All children, no matter their background or where they were born, are entitled to a good education. TSC is dedicated to fulfilling its mission of staffing North East schools sufficiently to suit the region’s educational needs. Teachers who refused to show up to work were not only acting against their mission, but were also denying their students’ access to an education.


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