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TSC intends to fire P1 teachers from their jobs.

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TSC intends to fire P1 teachers from their jobs.

TSC intends to fire P1 teachers from their jobs.

The Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) has devised a plan to end the recruitment of PTE teachers.

In a document titled “Framework on entry requirement in the teaching service,” the Commission has detailed its intention to eliminate the PTE certificate as a prerequisite for entering the teaching profession.

According to recent news, however, TSC has dropped the certificate in favor of a Diploma that conforms to the CBC (CBC) .

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According to the Commission, in order for an individual to be eligible for employment as a teacher of grades 1 to 6, he or she must be in possession of a Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE).

The TSC framework recommends that a Diploma in Education be necessary for entry into teaching at all levels in Kenya.

Furthermore, TSC states that it will honor post-training upgrade certifications from ECDE, PTE, DTE BED, DIP ED, and SNE courses.

According to TSC, applicants must also have attained a minimum of a Mean Grade C (plain) or its equivalent in KCSE or higher, as well as a PTE certificate issued by KNEC.

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It went on to say that once they’ve completed the training, teachers can focus on teaching either indigenous or foreign languages to students in grades 1–3 and 4-6

Teachers at the P1 level who were counting on finding employment by the Commission despite not having Primary Teacher Education (PTE) certifications were dealt a serious blow by these new guidelines.

TSC gave preference in its teacher recruitment in July to P1 teachers who have completed the Diploma program.

Teachers who could show proof of a CBC upgrading certificate during the recruitment process were awarded a credit of 10 points on the new scorecard the Commission released.

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Although no teacher received the Upgrade certificate prior to the September academic year, this is because the first group of Upgraders will begin their teaching practice by end of September before receiving their CBC Upgrade certificates.

Most Diploma upgraders complained that the results were too low, especially when compared to the marks given to interns  by the Commission.

In numerous instances, TSC staff have approached P1 teachers and urged them to enroll in a TTC and begin studying for the Diploma upgrading immediately.

Some of the officials have suggested that P1 teachers should upgrade before the Commission terminates their employment in 2024.

However when practicum and Knec assessment costs are factored in, the total cost of P1 teacher training might exceed sh. 100,000 at many colleges.

This September marked the arrival of the second groups of students upgrading to the Diploma level. Advertisement for the April application period, which just concluded, were also posted by the Ministry of Education.

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