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How to Download  Admission Letter and the 2023 Joining Instructions Form 1

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How to Download  Admission Letter and the 2023 Joining Instructions Form 1

How to Download the Admission Letter and the 2023 Joining Instructions Form 1

Since the Form One 2022 selection process is over, students can now check the school to which they have been admitted. The Ministry of Education has stated that Form 1 pupils must report by February 13th, 2023. To verify your secondary school preference, text your index number to the number 22263. (the code works for Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom). Ksh. 25 is the SMS cost.

All Form One pupils in 2023 will have to report between February 6 and February 13, 2023. Parents are recommended to contact their respective County Directors of Education for assistance if they have any questions.

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By the second of March 2023, all accepted students should be recorded on NEMIS. All CDEs must make sure that this criterion is followed.

How to download the admission letter for form one in 2023.
It is significant to remember that secondary schools do not provide students with admissions letters. For form one students in 2023, the ministry of education has set up a straightforward online portal where they may easily download their admission letter.

To download your letter follow these steps:

  1. Go to: Form one 2023 admission letter For National Schools, Form one 2023 admission letter For Extra county Schools and Form one 2023 admission letter For County Schools.
  2. Select the county and sub-county you sat KCPE then key in your index number and Submit.
  3. Click on the link named “admission letter” at the bottom of the page for a copy of your admission letter.
  4. Use the printer icon to print or download icon to download to your computer.
  5. Get your primary school’s headteacher to endorse the letter and stamp it in the space provided.

Last but not least, submit it for admission together with a verified copy of your birth certificate.

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Additionally, joining instructions for schools of all categories can be accessed through an online portal on the education ministry website ( as follows:

  • One should select the school category list (National, Extra County, County, and Sub-county) from the main menu before entering the candidate’s index number.
  • To access the admission letter, one must click the link labeled “Admission letter” at the bottom of the following page.

The candidate’s elementary school’s principal can sign and stamp the paper after it has been printed or downloaded using the ‘Printer’ icon.

The candidate will be required to present the stamped letter alongside their birth certificate on the admission day.

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On the other hand, School heads can access and download their respective Form One selection lists by logging in into the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) portal (

Online Form one 2023 joining instructions

Once the student has downloaded the form one 2023 admission letter, the next thing is to go through the details and prepare adequately for admission exercise.

Here are the details and joining instructions found on form one 2023 admission letter In this write up am going to use joining instructions for students selected to join Mangu high school

  1. Details and the the logo of the secondary school the student has been admitted to.
  2. Name of the student and a congratulatory message for securing admission.
  3. A section where the student will take the letter to primary school for endorsement from the Primary headteacher. No that the headteacher must embed a signature and official rubber stamp of the school.
  4. The letter will also indicate the reporting date for the student. The student will be expected to arrive at the school during working hours between 8.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. on the first day of reporting.   It will be inconvenient for you to arrive outside these hours or during weekends as there would not be personnel to attend to you. When reporting for admission, you must bring with you:
  •  A letter of introduction from either the Chief of your area, the pastor or    the Father-in-Charge of your Parish / Mission.
  • A letter of introduction from your Primary School Headteacher.
  • A certified copy of your result slip for K. C. P. E. Examination.
  • A certified copy of your BIRTH CERTIFICATE or document to prove your date of birth.
  • Two Passport Size Photos.
  • Photocopy of the I.D.s’ of parent(s) / guardian.
  • A medical certificate (Fill in the provided medical form MHS/A/3)

 BOOKS & OTHER CURRICULUM MATERIALS  For your personal use, you must bring the following:

  • The Archdiocese of Nairobi School Hymnal (to be purchased from school)
  • The Holy Bible (Revised Standard Version).
  • Geometrical Set

SPECIAL DIET Please note that the school does not offer special diet to students.  However, any medical concern on your health must be reported to the School Nurse immediately on admission.


You must provide yourself with two blankets, at least two pairs of bed sheets, (minimum size 150 x 225), 2 pillowcases, a mosquito net (conical 3 x 6 ).


Each student is expected to provide himself with such items as:

  • A pair of black shoes (“Toughees”)
  • A pair of sports shoes
  • 6 white Under-wears and 6 white Vests
  • 4 Handkerchiefs
  • Towels
  • Toilet and washing soap
  • Shoe polish
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • A plate and a spoon
  • A ¼ litre cup (standard size)
  • A metal bucket, 2 rubber squizzers & a slasher
  • Trunk (strong lockable metal box) and 2 padlocks
  • Slippers

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