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Prior to Interviews, TSC Has New Promotional Guidelines below

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Prior to Interviews, TSC Has New Promotional Guidelines below

Kisumu County’s school administrators, led by George O. Nyangwe, the president of the Kenya Association of Secondary School Principals (KESSHA) Kisumu Chapter, have proposed several changes to help teachers move up in their profession without undue obstacles.

This advice was shared at a St. Teresa’s Girls meeting with Teacher Service Commission (TSC) Chair Dr. Jamlek Muturi in Kisumu. This meeting was planned so that Kisumu Regency’s education officials could discuss ways to improve teacher training, administrative hiring, policymaking, and service delivery.

Important ideas discussed at this gathering include:

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1. The cancellation of scales C4 and C5, to be replaced with scale 16 for teachers advancing from C3 to D1.

2. Consideration of teachers in D1 for administrative positions such as school principal, vice principal, or school head.

3. Promotion of teachers who do not engage in classroom teaching.

4. Allowing teachers to progress from C1 to D6 without the requirement of taking on administrative duties.

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5. Reorganizing the promotion of school leaders in D4 and D5, and linking D6 to their respective school categories.

6. Implementation of a scale to incentivize postgraduate teachers to pursue further studies.

7. Provision of allowances and duties, such as salary and allowances, for acting teachers.

8. Streamlining the approval process for permanent and pensionable personnel without the need for further interviews.

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9. Giving preference to instructors with junior high school (JSS) training for permanent positions in JSS and SMA (Senior Management Areas).

10. Ensuring that regulatory and disciplinary actions are completed within six months, except in exceptional cases.

11. Offering a second chance to instructors who were dismissed for alcohol-related issues.

12. Resolving issues with the TSC online portal that are currently unresolved.

13. Collaborating with AON Minet to improve services, thereby expediting approvals and motivating teachers through enhanced service delivery.

With the goal of improving the Kisumu Regency’s educational climate as a whole, this meeting will focus on a variety of topics related to teacher professional development, administrative appointments, regulations, and services in the education sector.




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